Easter Bunny's Amazing Day 

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The Story of Our Easter Bunny

A Visit with Carol and Cathy

The story of Easter Bunny's Amazing Day actually began when I graduated from college with the dream of being a children's author. Over the years, I had created many faith-filled stories, but I was intimidated by the publishing process. When my sister approached me with an idea for a picture book, I was thrilled. I thought, Side by side with my sis, I can do this! That's why I identify with the bunny so much: Jesus, through my sister, took my fears away.

God gave us so many creative inspirations. I'd get so excited and call Carol: "The bunny has to be in the tomb!" Then I'd think later, His fear forces him into the dark place he fears most, and who does he find there? Jesus! Cool! On another call, I'd say, "The bunny needs to tell his own story!" Once upon a time seemed too detached. Then later, again it became clear: When the bunny speaks in the first person and children read it and pretend to be the bunny, they experience Jesus' love with and through the bunny so much more personally.

This truly has been a special collaboration for my sister and me. And through it, God has given us a special bunny I now introduce at events. He asks the children, "What's your favorite part of Easter?" And when they reply, "Candy, baskets, and bunnies!," he can climb on their shoulders and whisper in their ears, "But wait, there's more!